Monday, January 21, 2013

Who is Jesus to you?

Who is Jesus to you?
This is a question i had never really taken time to ponder over till very very recently when a dear friend was used by God as an instrument to teach me more about the bible.

Before, i would go through all the motions yes. Sing all the songs, quote some of the scripture like John 3:16 fervently but without really understanding why. I used to see people weep in church and i wondered if they were just showing off or if my heart was different. What was so touching that would make other people cry and my eyes stay dry? What was I not getting?

So of recent God asked me to put all aside and really take the time to understand Him. God told me it was okay to have a searching heart and when i asked questions and took time to listen, He answered.I realised some truths that made me understand why people cry and which also broke my heart!
God is perfectly Holy! He is too Holy that He cannot tolerate sin. It is His nature. (Lev 20:26; Lev 21:8;Isaiah 17:7;Rev15:4) Only one sin sent Adam and Eve away from His presence. Just one! So we can understand that He is a pure God and has zero tolerance for sin.
But He made man in His image and he did not desire that man die. We were created for His glory. To enjoy fellowship with Him, to live in perfect harmony with God and He gave us authority and dominion over all creatures. But what happened? We sinned and invited death in our lives.The perfect relationship we enjoyed with God was broken. Immediately we sinned, we immediately died spiritually and eventually physically.
But God LOVED us too much to let that relationship die...For God so LOVED the WOrld......Can you imagine a relationship where two people are hurting? Maybe a spouse has hurt another and they have drifted apart. But one would love the other so much even though he/she knows they are right, because of that love they have for the other person, they would try to restore that relationship back. That is just my own little feeble and grossly inadequate comprehension of God's love. We love Him because He loved us first! Even though we wronged Him, He reached out to us. Throughout the bible we see Him continually reaching out to us with love.
So God wanted us back. But because of His nature, we could not enter into His presence anymore. Whatever accusations the devil had against us could stand because we were sinners. How could we get back into His presence? Only if we were righteous. And was it to be ours? No...but the righteousness of Jesus Christ.
And Jesus accepted to be the veil. He accepted to stand int he gap and be that bridge through which we could reach out again to our God. So that He could not be tainted by the sin of Adam, He came into this world sinless and was conceived by the Holy Spirit. He lived a sinless life. He was human like us and He was tempted. He knew He had a mission to achieve. He had a goal. He was to be the saviour of the world. For as God rejected man because of one man's sin, so God could accept man back because of one man's righteousness.And I can just imagine when other young men were out drinking, dancing, or having all sorts of fun, Jesus was preparing himself, to do what only someone dying for love for you could do. He was preparing himself to die for us sinless.

Jesus had His eyes on Heaven. He knew what awaited Him. He knew He was the link for us to be reconciled back to God.
Rom 5:10 For if, when we were enemies, we were reconciled to God by the death of his Son, much more, being reconciled, we shall be saved by his life.
He could have given up. He even prayed to the Father to take away the suffering from Him. But then He submitted to the will of God. Jesus was spat on, abused, nailed to the cross and died for us!
And when He died...what happened? Death had nothing to accuse Him of. What are the wages of sin? (Romans 6:23) It is death! But Jesus had no sin, so death could not keep Him prisoner. And because of the sacrifice He made, we were reconciled back to God. His blood shed was the veil we could use to once more stand in God's presence. For God does not see us anymore, but sees our new selves redeemed by the blood of His son Jesus.
That is not all...when He rose again...He showed us the way. A straight path up to Heaven following Him.Jesus is the way, the truth and the life!
It is not a good heart that will take you to heaven. How could you measure how good your heart is? Compared to whose?
It is not generosity that will take you to Heaven. How can you measure generosity?
It is not works that will take you to Heaven? Who or what is your measuring rod?
Joh 14:5
Thomas saith unto him, Lord, we know not whither thou goest; and how can we know the way?

John 14:6
Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

And then i finally understood why people cried and also a bit of that famous scripture which is inscribed in my heart: John 3:16 : For GOd so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life"

Thank you God for loving me.
Who is Jesus to you?

Public Affairs & Communication Manager Central & West Africa - Cameroun

Public Affairs & Communication Manager Central & West Africa - Cameroun

Reference: CR222


Start: ASAP

Public Affairs & Communication Manager Central & West Africa - Cameroun

Job Purpose:

Reports to the GM/ Based in Douala, Cameroon

Public Affair
Contributes to the market access strategy.

Advises General Management in the anticipation of a changing environment and more specifically on the following domains: Institutional & Government relations, Health economics, Price strategy and Communication.

Support the Business Units in developing and implementing strategies and tactics aimed at ensuring the effective access of our products to market through the identification, development and maintenance of networks, particularly within the government sector, within the framework of the affiliate’s business strategy.

Ensure coordination and liaison of the optimal flow of information between the affiliates and regulatory and health care bodies, patient associations, other government departments and the Corporate.

Comply with all company procedures, rules and code of practice in developing and effectively implementing an Affiliate Communications strategy, in consultation with the General Manager and selected Public Relations Agency,

Both internally and externally: ensuring an agreed vision and consistency of messages.

Give communications support to the affiliate, through transversal team work, in order to support the business strategy and objectives

Manage the Group and Affiliate brand and associated image and reputation

Main Accountabilities
Follow government policies such as price controls, patent related legislations in order to promote and safe guard the business interests of the organization.

Builds strong influence networks with all types of stakeholders and act in the interests of the company towards local stakeholders.

Anticipates and interpret the institutional evolutions and inform the relevant internal audiences.

As an expert, takes part in the strategic thoughts of the company in giving insights concerning the institutional environment.

Manages and coordinates the market access levers in order to sustain the Group strategy, especially in the following fields: brand communication, media communication, pharmaco – economics and pricing/reimbursement.

Overseas media, brand and internal communication activities.

Candidate Profile
Key influencer and lobbyist.

Highly credible and influential to the Board & senior ministers in government & external agencies.

Very good knowledge of: on one hand local and global regulatory, pharmaceutical environment and its business model and, on the other hand institutions and their running systems.


Degree or diploma in Journalism/Communications/ Public Relations or an equivalent

degree or diploma


Minimum of 3 years experience in a management position

Proven operational experience and success in a Government Liaison role for private industry, preferably within the healthcare sector,

Or experience in dealing with Government and other bodies

To apply, please send your CV to with the Ref. CR222 – Preference will be given to local candidates.

Please note that only selected candidates will be contacted.

Friday, January 18, 2013


Front Apave


Une société de la place spécialisée dans les services et solutions d'entreprise (réparation, maintenance...) recrute UN RESPONSABLE PAIE ET ADMINISTRATION DU PERSONNEL.

Rattaché(e) au/à la Responsable RH et en étroite collaboration avec les opérationnels et la Direction Générale, vous assistez le/la Responsable RH, effectuez la paie, assurer la bonne tenue des dossiers du personnel et participez à l'élaboration de la politique de management des ressources humaines selon les orientations stratégiques de la structure. Vos principales activités seront donc:

En Administration du Personnel (gestion du suivi administratif) de:

- Coordonner la gestion courante des salariés (embauche, mutation, départ?); Constituer et suivre des dossiers

- Création des matricules

- Rédaction des différents types de contrats de travail, des avenants, des conventions de stage

- Suivi des renouvellements des périodes d'essai et des contrats

En liaison avec le QHSE :

- Gestion du matériel (EPI?) des personnes nouvellement embauchées ou soldées

- Suivi des visites médicales d'embauches et annuelles (dites systématiques)

- Mise en place et suivi des entretiens annuels

- Obtention auprès des autorités des titres de séjour, visas de travail, n° DIPE

En Gestion de temps/Paie:

- Importation des données de Navision dans le module de gestion de temps

- Vérification matricule par matricule

- Correction (erreurs de saisie, jour férié), régularisation (pointage prévisionnel) et modification (pointage des cas particuliers)

- Exportation du fichier pour intégration dans le logiciel de paie

- Création des nouveaux salariés et mise à jour de la fiche « salarié » dans le logiciel

- Préparation des éléments de paie (tableau de bord sous Excel)

- Saisie ou importation dans le logiciel et Calcul des soldes de tout compte

- Saisie et impression des bulletins

- Édition des états salariaux et fiscaux à remettre à la Direction Financière pour l'établissement des déclarations mensuelles et annuelles

- Établissement des acomptes et virements de salaire

- Suivi des prêts et crédits bancaires

- Suivi et positionnement des avancements automatiques et au mérite

- Évolution et optimisation du logiciel de paie (extractions, requêtes, paramétrage des éléments de paie) et du module de gestion de temps

- Gestion de la relation avec l'éditeur (2iA)


- Minimum Bac + 4 en Management des RH option paie ou équivalent (comptabilité, gestion..) avec 3 ans d'expérience minimum ou Bac + 2 en paie avec une expérience de 5 à 10 ans.


- Maîtrise parfaite du logiciel de paie Sage Paie (version SQL)

- Bonne maîtrise de la bureautique et surtout Excel.

- Connaissance de la législation camerounaise. Une connaissance de la Convention

Nationale du Bâtiment et Travaux Public serait un plus.

- Connaissances comptables souhaitées

- Expérience professionnelle:

- 3 à 5 ans INDISPENSABLE dans les Ressources Humaines, idéalement acquise dans les métiers de l'industrie du pétrole et gaz.


- Rigueur, organisation et fiabilité.

- Sens de la confidentialité et du service

- Méthodologie, autonomie, qualités rédactionnelles

- Curiosité et doté(e) d'un excellent relationnel.

- Management d'équipe

Offre valable jusqu'au 29/01/2013


Votre Partenaire pour la Maîtrise des Risques et la Valorisation du Potentiel Humain



Regional Business and Industry Coordinator - Cameroon

Regional Business and Industry Coordinator - Cameroon

Marketing Personal Assistant, DIAGEO

Marketing Personal Assistant


When Pandora's box was opened, all else went out but Hope stayed.

In our lives today, too many people need to know that all hope is not lost. They need to know that when they trust in God, he will do great things for their lives.

In Cameroon,many are losing hope. Many have forgotten that God is bigger than anything that may come against us. As God gives me strength and resources, i hope this blog will offer the much needed words of encouragement that we all need.

I will also be posting jobs from time to time so all may check in and know what's going on.

God bless you all